Shohei Otomo
Working mostly in ballpoint pen, Shohei Otomo’s insightful depictions of Japan expose its commercial facade and deepest underground culture. Delivered with an unmistakable level of biting political analysis and technical perfection, Shohei’s work straddles the worlds of art, illustration, anime and cyber-punk. Since gaining online global recognition as one of Japan's leading illustrators, Shohei has produced nearly a decade's worth of exhibitions across Paris, Tokyo, Milan and Melbourne; worked on projects with such names as Google, Agnès B and Sony Playstation. By expanding his art practice into sculpture, Shohei has begun to solidify himself as an important figure in Japanese contemporary art.


Solo Exhibitions

2019 Reiwa, Melbourne

2019 Reiwa, Hong Kong

2016 Ora Ora,, Melbourne

2015 Otomo Kata Gallery, Tokyo

2012 Fool's Paradise,, Melbourne

Group Exhibitions

2020 Riewa Book Launch. Booked: Tai Kwun Contemporary's Hong Kong Art Book Fair

2015 Monochrome HHH Gallery, Tokyo

2015 HIDDEN CHAMPIONS OF TOKYO, Melbourne, Australia

2014 Flat Blend, Melbourne, Australia

2014 Beast From A Foreign Land HPGRP Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2014 A Study of Hair, Melbourne, Australia

2014 A Study of Hair, Melbourne, Australia

2013 SUPER ERECT EXHIBITION Roppongi Art Night, Tokyo

2013 A Study Of Eyes, Melbourne, Australia

2012 Azma Fifty 24MX Gallery, Mexico City

2012 LAYERED Carhartt store, Tokyo, Japan

2012 A Study Of Hands, Melbourne, Australia


2020 Reiwa

2011 Shohei - 57577

這是我的必殺技 —— 大友昇平專訪 SHOHEI OTOMO Interview
November 1, 2019
從繪畫理念哲學,以至最新注目作《平成聖母》(Heisei Mary)的背後創作理念也一一解說,「天上天下唯我獨尊」不止是一句霸氣說話,也是大友昇平對未來「令和」的寄望,聽他細說後定會令你更喜歡這張畫作。
Shohei Otomo [ Konnichiwa, World! ] at YouTube Space Tokyo
October 18, 2017
この度六本木ヒルズ森タワー29階にあるYouTube クリエイター向け施設 YouTube Space Tokyo のリニューアル工事に伴い、新しく出来たエントランスに飾る絵を担当しました。#youtubespacetokyo
[Nyûsu Show] Exposition LOOP avec Cutsigh et Shohei OTOMO
March 27, 2017
Retour sur la toute première exposition française à Paris qui a mis à l’honneur le créateur du manga Akira, Shohei Otomo, le fils de Katsuhiro Otomo.
Shohei Otomo - Back and Forth - Art Show at Statix
August 18, 2018
Japanese Artist, Shohei Otomo shows us an inside look at his amazing ball point pen illustrations
Shohei Otomo - Tracks ARTE
April 3, 2017
A travers des créations réalisées quasi exclusivement au stylo bille, Shohei Otomo brise les archétypes et dessine une face cachée, sale et aliénée de Tokyo
Artist Profile of Shohei Otomo (SHOHEI) アーティストプロフィール
October 18, 2017
SHOHEIが共通言語であるアートを制作するインスピレーションについて語る。 [Konnichiwa, World! ] はYouTube Space Tokyoのエントランスに飾られます。
Shohei Otomo - "There's nothing you can do to hurt me"
March 18, 2018
Artist Profile - Shohei Otomo
August 11, 2015
Working mostly in ballpoint pen, Shohei Otomo’s insigh
Shohei Otomo
July 1, 2013
Japanese artist Shohei Otomo (aka Hakuchi) shows us that his motherland has a rockin' pop culture like no other.
Artist Profile - Shohei Otomo
April 8, 2016
Shohei Otomo is one of the most high-profile names of Tokyo's independent illustration scene. His hyper-realist ball-point pen illustrations combine traditional Japanese and pop-culture imagery